Gunshots Outside Salman Khan Home in Mumbai

Mumbai police has launched an investigation into the incident and is attempting to locate the individuals who fired the shots. Early this morning, gunshots were heard outside bollywood actor salman Khan's residence in Bandra. At 5 am, two unidentified men on a motorcycle fired five rounds into the air outside Mr. Khan's home and fled the scene. A bullet also struck the first floor of the building where Mr. Khan resides. 

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) said last year that Mr. Khan was at the top of the list of ten primary targets that incarcerated criminal Lawrence Bishnoi intended to assassinate. The gangster cited the actor's notorious 1998 black buck hunting incident, which he claimed insulted the Bishnoi community.

Sampat Nehra, Bishnoi's goon, had been monitoring Mr. Khan's Bandra home, setting the ground for a possible attack. But Nehra was apprehended by the haryana police Special Task Force. On april 11, of last year, mumbai police received another threat call, at which point they upgraded Mr. Khan's security level to Y+. An indian student in the UK was the target of a lookout circular (LOC) after it was claimed that the student had sent Mr. Khan a threatening email.

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