Jagan Counters Sharmila With Money?

The ysr congress Party is facing a difficult situation with the murder case of YS vivekananda reddy in the run-up to the elections. Suneetha reddy, Viveka's daughter, is one of the people who constantly accuses jagan Mohan reddy of protecting YS avinash Reddy, the accused. Conversely, sharmila, Jagan's sister, accuses him of covering up the murderers of Vivekananda Reddy.
At one point, sharmila urged jagan to use YS Vijayamma to divulge the truth, claiming that she is the one who knows all the details. But Vijayamma recently left for America, not wanting to be involved in her kids' arguments. The ycp brought Viveka's sister Vimalamma into the picture in an attempt to disprove these accusations in any way possible. In a recent media interview, Vimalamma refuted sharmila and Suneetha's claims, raising doubts about whether or not they were there when avinash killed Viveka. She questioned why sharmila and Suneetha wanted to determine who was the killer on their own, rather than using the police investigation.

In response to what Vimalamma had said, sharmila said that jagan Mohan reddy had helped her son get government contracts and had her backing on this matter. Before saying such things in public, Vimalamma should remember that Viveka is her brother, sharmila said. She questioned whether Vimalamma's advanced years were influencing her irrational remarks.

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