Vijayawada - Stalemate continues in TDP on Undi candidate

The Undi assembly seat is still at a standstill since tdp leader N chandrababu naidu is eager to make room for former rebel mp K Raghurama krishna Raju from this seat or another legislative one. After fighting the YSRCP administration nonstop for the last five years, raghuram krishna Raju is also optimistic about running for office on behalf of the tdp in the upcoming elections.
In the meantime, despite the TDP's prior pledge to renominate existing mla Mantena Rama Raju, there is still dissatisfaction among tdp cadres in the Undi assembly constituency. The MLA's supporters are holding demonstrations in response to the likely candidate switch. At this point, the tdp president invited the party leaders from the Undi constituency to his campsite in Amalapuram on Friday. There, they discussed with the current Rama Raju and received his promise to resolve the matter in two days. According to reports, Chandrababu promised Rama Raju that he would look out for his interests.

At this point, the tdp party was agitated by some disparaging statements made by former mp Raghurama krishna Raju against the supporters of current mla Rama Raju. The followers of the mla, who are furious with Raghurama krishna Raju, vowed to leave the party if their leader was not given a ticket by the TDP. In response to Raghurama's comments, incumbent mla Rama Raju stated that it is unfair for any leader to disparage party members as "betting gangs."
 Dismissing the demonstrations and prolonged fasts of the MLA's supporters, Raghurama krishna Raju claimed that everything was "a drama" and that their major cause for agitation was their wagering on who would receive the tickets. According to Rama Raju, he placed his expectations in the tdp leadership. Raghurama krishna Raju, meanwhile, expressed confidence in his ability to serve in the legislature, either in the assembly or the Parliament. He even opened the polling office in the village of Peda Amiram and declared that the matter would be resolved in 48 hours. Since the bjp was given the seat as part of the electoral alliance, Raghurama was unable to compete from the narsapuram parliamentary seat. As a result, he is now focusing on the Undia assembly seat.

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