Pawan Kalyan - Hallucinating or Over Imagination ?

The sequences in the movie "Baadshah" where brahmanandam gets sucked into a virtual environment and experiences hallucinations are ones that no movie buff will ever forget. He is happy when he imagines many things while living in a dream. On social media, some users are using that figure to create memes and trolls, and some claim that pawan kalyan is the real-life inspiration for this character.

Mostly because pawan kalyan makes excessive assumptions about himself. There are no limits to his hallucinations. He once claimed that some guys conducted a reconnaissance at his home with the intention of killing him. He prefers to ignore the possibility that those seeking to hurt him may be his supporters.
He once claimed that a contract to terminate his life had been handed to some 300 thugs. How could that be the case? What makes him think so highly of himself?

He recently claimed that there are people attempting to assault him with knives in the throng. Given that he has his own private security sent down from North India, how is it possible?
Pawan Kalyan exaggerates his own self-importance and says things that even global leaders' presidents and prime ministers refrain from saying.
He should acknowledge that, contrary to what he thinks, he is an unimportant politician who has failed in his career and is just a hero on film.

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