CM Revanth Reddy Dares KCR

On Tuesday, telangana chief minister A. revanth reddy asked leader of the Opposition and head of the BRS, K. chandrasekhar Rao, to provide a list of 200 farmers who committed suicide, as he had claimed. revanth reddy challenged the previous chief minister, claiming the government would compensate the farmers' families, to provide the identities of the 200 farmers who committed suicide during the 100 days of congress control.

He was speaking with journalists after touring Tukkuguda, a suburb of Hyderabad, to assess preparations for the Congress's april 6 public gathering, which rahul gandhi and party President mallikarjun Kharge are expected to address.
The congress is arranging the public gathering in order to declare the party's platform and five promises to the country.
Regarding the visit two days ago by kcr, or chandrasekhar Rao, to agricultural fields in Jangaon and Suryapet district, revanth reddy claimed that the BRS president was using his own strategies to hide corruption committed under the BRS reign and divert attention from the reports of MPs who were defecting.

The telangana chief minister referred to kcr as a demonetised note worth Rs. 1,000 and said that anyone caught carrying it in their pocket will data-face jail time.
He chastised kcr for attributing the drought on the congress government and challenged him to declare an allocation of Rs 100 crore for farmers from his party's Rs 1,500 crore electoral bond fund.
He said that once winter arrived, the congress took office in December. "The monsoon failed during the BRS administration. He questioned, "How can he hold the congress accountable?

Revanth Reddy claimed that kcr had decimated the agriculture industry and that the BRS chairman was crying like a crocodile for the farmers. He stated that the congress administration allowed KCR's visit to farms, in contrast to the BRS regime when opposition leaders were detained anytime they intended to make a visit.
"Instead of expressing gratitude to us for arranging his visit, he is levelling unfounded accusations against us," the man stated.
Revanth Reddy said that kcr would not have left his farmhouse if he had won the assembly elections. "He would have been off limits to everyone else if he hadn't lost the election, broken his hip, and had his daughter not been arrested," he said.

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