Copycat Thaman Caught Again!

Maybe no South indian music director, as much as Thaman, is exposed on social media for producing songs for free. He is frequently criticised on social media since, upon the release of each of his songs, there is always a stir over them being plagiarised or influenced by other songs. The same thing is said about Thaman's most recent work, Jaragandi from Game Changer, and he is receiving the same criticism as usual.
The orchestration and opening vocals of the Jaragandi song are said to have been greatly influenced by the Surro Surra song from NTR's Shakthi in a number of social media postings regarding the song. On social media, this meme video is now becoming popular. Though the musical sequence in Game Changer may only be a passing allusion to the song from Shakthi, Thaman should be able to produce stronger, more creative work considering the scope of the ram charan film.

Recently, even seemingly little copy works and references have been discovered by internet users, forcing technicians to be more precise in their job. Thaman is discovering the same thing the hard way. It is now his responsibility to reverse this negative trend and produce better work going forward.

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