Rashmika Mandanna spotted in a hurry as she’s about to catch her flight

Rashmika Mandanna, who is well-liked and energetic, was recently seen hurrying to catch her flight. The actress was eager to get to mumbai in time for her departure to Tokyo. When the actress entered the airport, she appeared rushed. rashmika mandanna is going to make history as the first well-known indian celebrity to attend the Crunchy Roll Anime Awards in Tokyo.
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In the video, rashmika can be seen sporting a chic green shirt that goes well with a pair of black trousers. She accessorized her entire appearance with a cream-colored hat and perfectly matching sunglasses. Rashmika Mandanna took a moment to wave at the photographers who had gathered to get a shot of her, even though she was rushing to make her flight.
Rashmika had posted a few pictures on her official instagram account not long ago, with her data-face obscured, claiming the images were from her next movie. A pirated footage of actor dhanush and actress rashmika on the sets of their next movie appeared online earlier today. In the video, rashmika was dressed in a far more conventional kurti, while the Maari actor was dressed in a brown t-shirt and slacks.

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