Alliance Rift: CPM's Candidate Reveal.!

Sindujaa D N
In a significant development in the South indian state of kerala, the communist party of india (Marxist) or CPM appears to be diverging from the opposition alliance India. This departure became apparent as the CPM not only confronted congress MP rahul gandhi but also unveiled candidates for 15 lok sabha seats in the state.

The announcement of candidates, made by CPM state secretary M.V. Govindan during a press conference on february 27, 2024, included notable figures such as former state minister K.K. Shailaja and T.M. Thomas Isaac. Additionally, key constituencies will see participation from sitting MLAs, including Devaswom minister K. Radhakrishnan, Mukesh, and V. Joy, actors turned MLAs. The list further incorporates two sitting MPs, A.M. Arif (Lok Sabha) and E. Karim (Rajya Sabha).

However, the move by CPM seems to be creating a schism with its alliance partners, cpi, and kerala congress (M), both of which had already declared their candidates. Notably, cpi announced candidates for four lok sabha seats a day earlier, with senior leader Annie raja set to contest from Wayanad, the constituency currently represented by former congress president rahul Gandhi. kerala has a total of 20 lok sabha seats, and these political developments set the stage for a potentially altered electoral landscape in the state.

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