Pawan Kalyan Still Not Revealing Own Seat

Just five of the twenty-four seats that the party possesses as a member of the coalition have been disclosed by Janasena. pawan kalyan announces the candidates for Nelimarla, Tenali, Anakapalli, Rajanagaram, and kakinada Rural. It's noteworthy to notice that in seats where janasena is strong, such rajahmundry Rural, Razole, Pitapuram, and Narasapuram, candidates are not named. Furthermore, pawan kalyan has not yet revealed the seat from which he would run. pawan kalyan ran for the seats of bhimavaram and gajuwaka in 2019.

TDP did not declare a candidate for bhimavaram, raising the possibility that the seat might go to Janasena. It is quite likely that pawan kalyan will run from this position. Palla Srinivas, the Senior leader of the tdp, was fielded from Gajuwaka. It's also unknown if pawan kalyan would run for one or two seats this election. Rumour has it that pawan kalyan believes jagan would give it his all to beat him should the seat become available. He is thus postponing the announcement until the very last moment.

The leaders of the Jana Sena party, Pawan Kalyan, and telugu Desam, Chandrababu Naidu, have released their initial list of 118 candidates for the andhra pradesh assembly elections. The tdp will fight 94 seats, while the Jana Sena will compete 24. According to them, the latter would also compete for three of the state's 25 lok sabha seats.

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