PVR INOX: Why This Discrimination?

Some believe that PVR Inox's latest move to provide cheap tickets is discriminatory towards South indian viewers, which has created criticism. This Friday, february 23, 2024, is "Cinema Lovers Day," and moviegoers can enjoy their favorite films at PVR INOX theatres for just Rs 99. There are hollywood and indian films on the schedule. Discounts are also available for premium formats like IMAX and reclining seats.
Many people in ap and TS are disappointed that the Rs 99 deal is not available in telugu states. They claim that these discriminatory actions are unjust, and they have taken to social media to voice their disapproval and demand a boycott of PVR Inox. These kinds of problems have not always existed. In the past, PVR Inox offered a movie pass for Rs 699 that let users attend ten films on weekdays. However, states in South india were not included in this offer. All things considered, PVR Inox's recent activities have sparked controversy and brought attention to the seeming disparity between moviegoers in North and South India. 

Article 370 led by yami gautam is the main beneficiary of this. The top three national chains have received extremely excellent bookings for the Aditya Dhar production. For the first day alone, article 370 sold about 1.25 lakh tickets at PVRInox and Cinepolis, and the movie saw a significant boost in pre-sales because of the lower ticket pricing. The article 370 teaser successfully piqued interest in the topic, and the extra incentive has only served to entice viewers to see the movie on a huge screen. It now appears that what could have been a 3 crore start is closer to Rs 4 crore, if the pattern of bookings is any indication.

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