CONDOMS TURN ON Election Heat in Andhra Pradesh

On top of the obvious alcohol and biryanis, we have witnessed the distribution of wall clocks, sarees, shirts, electrical products, and other items before elections. However, political contenders never stop making people laugh with the articles they publish before of votes and never stop coming up with creative ideas. No, we're not talking about giving voters live goats or chickens. That is an outdated fashion!

Political campaigns have accelerated in the State as elections for the lok sabha and the andhra pradesh Assembly draw near. Based on social media posts, it has been alleged that the two major parties in the State have given out "condoms" with their party logos on the boxes. Indeed, condoms!
In a video shared  by YSRCP on X (formerly Twitter), two party cadre can be heard discussing about a box of condoms bearing TDP’s logo. Dubbing it as “publicity madness,” the party urged tdp to stop with this and wondered if the Opposition party would resort to distributing Viagra next.
“Finally distributing condoms to people for their party campaign @JaiTDP . Where is the publicity madness? Will Next Share Viagras? At least stop there? Otherwise will further decline @nbcn @naralokesh @PawanKalyan? #EndofTDP (sic.),” posted YSRCP from their official handle.

In a similar video, however, tdp questioned the election “preparedness” of the YSRCP even as a man can be seen standing with a box of condoms with Jagan-led party’s logo on it.
Incidentally, YSRCP’s poll slogan for this elections is “Siddam” translating to “ready/prepared” in English.

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