Telangana - All the videos and posts during the previous BRS govt's tenure have been Deleted

It seems that chief minister A revanth Reddy, who recently said he would remove all traces of BRS president and former chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao from telangana, began with the Department of Information and Public Relations and telangana CMO's official YouTube channels.

All of the posts and videos from the former BRS administration have been removed, and it is unknown whether any backup copies of the same material exist. Videos of various telangana landmarks from 2014, such as the yadadri temple, the T-Hub, the new Secretariat, the Durgam Cheruvu Cable Bridge, the kaleshwaram Project, and several other markers of the State's advancement over the previous ten years, were removed from these channels.

Social media responded to this act with great vehemence, pointing out that these channels contained data on the growth of the State over the last ten years, not just on Chandrashekhar Rao or the BRS. The move by the new congress government appears to be an attempt to erase all of the previous government's work.

“You can’t erase our pride,” said one X user, Hirish Jakkidi.
“As we all know, @revanth_anumula stated earlier that he would leave no traces of the previous government!
Action in place: All the videos made by the previous government in ten years have been deleted from the official telangana CMO and I&PR YouTube channels.
(…) Telangana’s spirit and iconic landmarks like Yadigiriguta temple, T Hub, Secretariat, cable bridge, and kaleshwaram project, among many others, persist as unshakable symbols of our progress. You can’t erase our pride!” (sic) he posted.


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