Telangana Hyderabad - Urdu Officers Neglected by Govt raises Concerns

Telangana recognizes urdu as a second official language. In 2018, the state government employed up to sixty officials to disseminate information in urdu regarding departmental activities and official communications. urdu language officials are worried, though, as their services have been disregarded since the shift in administration.
Urdu officials have not yet been appointed to ministries, even though the congress has been in power for more than two months. As a result, press notes in urdu are no longer issued, and information on the majority of government operations is exclusively shared in telugu and English.

Press notes were used to inform urdu journalists about government department activities, thanks to the employment of urdu staff in 2018. Nevertheless, urdu officers who had previously worked with the chief minister and seventeen other ministers were called back to the Department of Minority Welfare following the government transition.
Presently, eighteen urdu officers who have registered daily attendance at the Minority Welfare Department are left inactive. Senior officials reportedly wait for the cabinet to expand before assigning the urdu officers to different departments. Nonetheless, the appointment of Urdu-speaking officials shouldn't be reliant on the growth of the Cabinet.

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