Telangana CM Revanth Reddy - Revenge or Being Nice ?

Telangana politics has more drama than any other drama or film. We've seen how the state's political landscape can shift quickly when the government changes. Former chief minister K Chandrasekhara Rao has been admitted to a hospital for surgery, and the new chief minister revanth reddy is attempting to make an impression on the people by seizing control of the administration. 

Revanth reddy made an unexpected visit to kcr in the hospital today. revanth reddy initially saw ktr in the hospital, and the former minister personally escorted the chief minister to the Presidential Suite where ktr was receiving treatment. 

The images of revanth reddy and kcr did not appear. He allegedly spoke with the former chief minister and wished him well. He also spoke with the physicians, pleading with them to offer better care. Following the visit, the chief minister talked to the media. There are several perspectives on revanth Reddy's hospital stay. Some believe that revanth reddy demonstrated political etiquette notwithstanding the disputes.
Some argue that revanth Reddy's superfluous politeness upset congress workers who worked hard to defeat KCR. Some believe he irritated kcr and ktr by visiting the hospital in his capacity as Chief Minister. Our readers are aware that this is kcr and KTR's first data-face-to-data-face encounter with revanth reddy since the latter became Chief Minister. KTR's body language in the graphics appears to be bothersome.
Whatever it may be, this is the classic example of what they say in telugu – ఓడలు బళ్ళవుతాయి, బళ్ళు ఓడలువుతాయి.

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