New Govt in Telangana - How Will TV9 And NTV Handle?

Since 2019, the electronic media space in andhra pradesh and telangana has been highly polarised. The top two channels, tv9 and NTV, were muzzled as part of a plot to radically change the media's attitude. Just before the 2019 elections, MEIL and My home Group (very close to KCR) purchased a nearly 80% share in tv9, the then-number one telugu channel, and turned it into a megaphone for the BRS and ysr Congress.
MEIL owns 22.8% of NTV, the current No. 1 telugu News Channel, while My home Group controls the remaining 11%. They assist both governments through these routes in exchange for the bulk of contracts in both telugu states. tv9, in particular, has been the BRS and ysr Congress's spokesperson. However, there has been a change of guard in telangana following the recent elections.
BRS is currently in opposition, while congress has made a decision. MEIL and My home Group will suffocate in the next few days as the government makes life tough for them. There is a discussion of a judicial investigation of their prior initiatives. MEIL will be investigated for the kaleshwaram Project, which cost more than 80,000 crores. My home Group has a number of real estate projects in and around hyderabad that will be scrutinised by the government for potential infractions. It will be fascinating to observe how they proceed. When there is a shift in authority, media networks usually change guard quickly.
However, if congress wants to finally settle their differences with BRS, they must approach them differently. Companies might entice congress with potential money for the 2024 General Election. In such event, congress in telangana would have to choose between short-term benefits and long-term political plans. We'll have an idea in 3-4 months.

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