Pushpa 2 Will Be the First to Test This Scenario in North America

Pushpa 2 is riding on huge buzz, and the sums asked by the creators for global rights are alarmingly exorbitant, being discussed around 80 crores. Only one film in the history of blockbuster films in North America has successfully lured viewers from two languages to theaters—Baahubali 2, which earned $20 million. The 2D hindi version of Baahubali 2 grossed $6,322,218 while the IMAX hindi version grossed $250,140.
No other pan-India blockbuster has earned as much money in both languages (Telugu and Hindi). Even rrr earned just $2.9 million from the hindi version (RRR grossed about $14 million). Salaar is now predicted to draw only telugu viewers in America. Given the price of pushpa 2, it must perform extraordinarily well in both telugu and hindi in North America to break even; otherwise, breaking even will be almost difficult.
Pushpa 2 will be the first non-Rajamouli film to test this scenario, for two reasons:
– The high price quoted by the makers
– pushpa 2 has a genuine buzz in hindi, aside from Telugu.
Pushpa 2 looks to have an unbelievable run if it succeeds to draw hindi audiences to theatres in the united states and canada like a blockbuster straight hindi picture, given the big hindi community in North America, where hindi films generally have extended runs. However, if things go wrong, it will be a sad scenario.

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