Pawan Kalyan’s Daughter at Hi Nanna!

Nani's 'Hi Nanna' is preparing for its early noon U.S. première, with screenings in hyderabad for celebs, journalists, and fans. Pawan Kalyan's daughter, Aadya, was spotted visiting AMB Cinemas, which is unusual for her in social or media circles. She looks to have grown in stature, similar to her brother akira Nandan. renu desai has stated that her kid has no desire to work in the film industry.
Nani plays a parent and immerses himself in the role. Up until the finale, it appears like nani is merely performing his job, but it is at the conclusion when he offers a poignant performance as an actor. The conclusion heightens the sense of accomplishment, thanks to the acting and script, and nani fully embraces it. However, this does not imply that nani has excelled in all areas. There were times when it seemed like he attempted but failed to enhance the scenes, such as the inebriated scene.
'Hi Nanna,' regardless of its monetary success, contributes to Nani's identification as a 'actor' in his body of work and wins him goodwill. Mrunal Thakur plays Yashna and looks stunning on television, yet her makeup is inconsistent in several situations, giving her an uneven image. Nonetheless, her on-screen presence regularly enriches the overall atmosphere of the film.

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