Pawan Kalyan becomes JOKER in Politics Again with his Stupid Decision

The telangana elections are over. The janasena party ran in telangana for the first time in an alliance with the BJP. The party ran for eight seats and received no deposits in any of them. Except for Kukatpally, it received no significant votes in any of the seven. pawan kalyan agreed to ally with the bjp at the last minute and did not campaign for some of his candidates. Everyone was skeptical when pawan kalyan made the choice.
For starters, there is no bjp in their andhra pradesh alliance. Furthermore, the bjp is assisting jagan greatly in this regard. They are also hesitant to compete together. Everyone told pawan kalyan that a poor telangana outcome may harm Janasena's reputation in Andhra and raise issues about the integrity of taking opposing positions in ap and Telangana. But, as if the election might aid him in some manner, pawan kalyan ran in the telangana polls, and the results are now out. Losing deposits in all seats would also influence his negotiating leverage with the tdp when seat-sharing is established.
Pawan kalyan will now have to explain why the move was correct and how it benefited the janasena Party. Pawan Kalyan's rash moves would affect his coalition partner, the TDP. Will he now persuade Modi and amit shah to join their alliance while also reining down their seat-sharing demands? Or, at the least, can he prevent the bjp from backing Jagan? Will the bjp high command repay Pawan Kalyan's assistance? Those familiar with Modi and Shah's cutthroat politics will readily anticipate the answer: NO.
Pawan kalyan was always utilised by the bjp and never returned any favours. Pawan Kalyan's main takeaway from this episode is sharing dias with prime minister Narendra Modi once and having him say some nice things about him. He will soon grasp the consequences of his decision.

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