New CM or Old CM ? Tollywood Curious on Telangana Elections

Telangana chief minister kcr, his son KTR, and the whole BRS party have maintained a cordial relationship with the tollywood industry. Their support has been strong, with the industry's well-being and progress always being prioritized. The telangana election results will be announced in a few hours, creating a lot of excitement. Exit polls indicate a possible power change, with congress assuming control and kcr being replaced. This development has piqued the interest of the tollywood community.
Insiders in the sector are keen to learn who will take over as Chief Minister. While KCR's return would most likely maintain the status quo, the likelihood of congress seizing control raises concerns about future challenges from the incoming ruling administration. Jubilee Hills, home to several movie stars, has usually voted for BRS with a large majority in previous elections. The forthcoming findings will show if this trend continues or shifts.
However, one certainty remains: regardless matter whatever party, BRS or congress, takes power, it is widely assumed that neither will cause any issues for the tollywood business. Both parties have repeatedly expressed their support for the film industry, in sharp contrast to the dictator stance of the YSRCP, Andhra Pradesh's ruling party, which has forced the business and its members to flee.

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