Salaar - Prashant Neel Confirms Ugramm Remake

Prashanth Neel, known for his directorial achievement in kgf, has become a household name. Salaar: Part 1 featuring Prabhas, which is going to be released on december 22nd, is expected to wow spectators. The trailer for the film will be released on december 1. Neel sheds light on the spirit of Salaar in an exclusive interview, describing it as a story of developing friendship morphing into fierce competition. He reveals that Salaar is based on the narrative of two buddies who eventually become arch-enemies.
Neel emphasises that Salaar is a distinct universe with its own set of emotions and personalities, and warns against expecting kgf to be repeated. Salaar, which was conceptualized before kgf, was envisioned as a two-part tale with an immersive, story-driven cinematic experience. Salaar is said to be a remake of Neel's own 2014 film, Ugramm, which marked his directorial debut. Now that Neel has revealed Salaar's plan, it's clear that Ugramm was the inspiration, with a similar premise of two friends becoming adversaries.
Neel claims that Salaar's plot was ready before kgf, implying that the film contains shadows of Ugramm. Ugramm didn't fare as well as it should have at the box office. So Prashanth had always wanted to return to the film and recreate it on a grand scale with the greatest actor and the finest technical standards. As a result, while Salaar is based on Ugramm, it is not a scene-for-scene replica. It would be unrealistic to expect prashanth neel to reproduce his own picture in its current state. Instead, he might have taken the concept of Ugramm and turned it into a very other film on a completely different level.

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