Telangana Liquor shops to be closed till December 1st

Wine stores, bars, taverns, and all other watering spots in telangana will be closed till december 1. The Prohibition and Excise began on november 28 at 5 p.m. and will run until november 30, restarting on december 1 only to close again for election day.
All alcoholic establishments, including '2B' bars and 'A4' shops, will remain closed according to directives from top Excise authorities. All 81 'A4' stores, 145 '2B' pubs, 51 toddy shops, ten defense canteens, and fifteen 'C1' clubs have been closed. Today, Excise Department authorities closed down establishments around the state.
"Due to the upcoming elections, the state has imposed a temporary ban." Bars are closed till the end of november, including '2B' bars, 'A4' stores and toddy outlets. This stoppage, triggered by Excise orders, began post-campaigning on november 28 at 5 p.m. The reopening date is december 1, with a following closure on election day," the Excise department announced in an official press statement on Tuesday.
During this time, officials have deployed 60 people to provide thorough control. Excise authorities stated that in the event of a violation, individuals should notify the control room at 040-2465747. Stay tuned.

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