Warning Bells for Sreeleela - Don't become another Krithi Shetty

With her appearance in the film "Skanda," Sreeleela found herself in an unfavorable circumstance, labeling it as an ill-fated option that brought no professional boost. Despite Bhagwant Kesari's quick intervention, the damage was done, and her image suffered as a result of the poorly sculpted figure in "Aadikeshava." The outcomes of "Skanda" and "Aadikeshava" both obliterated the 'woman luck' image connected with her. Despite being referred to be the CEO in "Aadikeshava," her persona evolved into an ordinary heroine chased by the hero.
There is little indication of her adequately portraying the job of a CEO throughout the film, and she fails to communicate the demeanor of a rich individual. Her character's entire portrayal fell short of expectations. Sreeleela's role lacked depth other than appearing in songs and wearing exposing costumes while trailing the hero.  Following the letdown of "Skanda," reviewers panned Srileela's performance in "Aadikeshava," heaping criticism on her character.

While Sreeleela is recognized for her beauty and demonstrated dance skills, she must work on picking intriguing storylines to maintain her star status. Sreeleela must make prudent decisions in the future if she wants to reclaim her good reputation. While it isn't necessary for every film she appears in to be a box office success, she should make sure that the parts she takes on have depth and aren't just filler. Trivikram's forthcoming film, "Gunturu Kaaram," might be a watershed moment in her career. The only way to know is to wait and see.

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