Not All-Out, but No Letdown Either

Tillu Square, the much-awaited sequel to the smash criminal comedy dj Tillu, has arrived in theatres, promising a combination of crime, humor, and a big splash of spice. Anupama Parameswaran, known for her next-door-girl roles, took a daring step into unknown territory by stepping into the seductive shoes of Neha Shetty's character from the first series.
Fans of the franchise were skeptical that Anupama could live up to the blistering standards established by neha shetty in the first installment. However, Anupama's spicy makeover puts all qualms to rest as she firmly steps into the shoes of her predecessor. The most recent lyrical video release of the second song, "Radhika," demonstrates Anupama's readiness to change heads and hearts. Anupama's daring decision to take on Radhika's character, which requires her to be hot, sexy, and sassy, has fans buzzing with excitement.
The metamorphosis is seen in the song, when she seems gorgeous and seductive, wrapped in a saree that adds an additional layer of appeal. Despite her lack of public exposure, Anupama manages to fascinate with her subtle yet alluring appeal. While she may not have taken the 'oomph' levels to the limit, she has not disappointed. Anupama's performance as the seductive radhika will undoubtedly grow on the viewers. Anupama and the producers deserve credit for their daring and spicy innovation!

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