LANDER & ROVER woke up today on moon..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
LANDER & ROVER woke up today on moon..!?
ISRO successfully landed the chandrayaan 3 spacecraft in the south of the moon, as a surprise to all the countries involved in space exploration. With this, india became the first country to land in the south of the moon. Subsequently, scientific research by Lander and Pragyan Rover confirmed that the moon contains various minerals and oxygen gases.
Rover to sleep:
Lander and Rover have been taken to Sleep Mode, respectively, as the moon's sunlight has begun following scientific research. In this case, the sunlight has begun again on the top of the moon since the 20th. Thus, isro is trying to re-operate the Lander and Rover. But in the last two weeks, it has been in the area of minus 120 degrees to minus 200 degrees. Thus, it is questionable whether the Pragyan Rover will work beyond the impact. The reason is that the devices in Rover are more likely to be inactive in the cold.
How to be raised?
On the surdata-face of the moon, the Pragyan Rover is safely stopped and placed in Sleep mode. APXS and LIBS are turned off paleodes. The battery has already been fully charged. Since the sun has begun to fall on the surdata-face of the moon in the 20th, the solar plates on the devices have begun to save extra energy. The receiver has also turned on to receive signals from Earth. Probably accepting the orders from the Earth and the Rover comes to life again, it will travel back to the surdata-face of the moon and provide various additional information.
Will Pragyan Rover come back?
Perhaps if isro Prakyan Rover re-operates, you can collect more information through the devices in it. This can be considered a bonus for India. The reason has already been announced that the Rover will operate for only 14 days. Perhaps if it begins to reactivate, isro can gather a variety of information on the surdata-face, atmosphere, and the minerals and gases there for the next 14 days.

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