Slap on the cheek..!? Anchor angry on that actor..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Slap on the cheek..!? Anchor angry on that actor..!?
 The music launch of the film Sarakku was held a few days ago. Actor Cool suresh suddenly wore the garland to the host aishwarya Raghupati. Kool suresh, who was walking across the hostess, apologized to him on the stage. Mansur Alikan also apologized for him. However, Kool suresh, who apologized for the release of the issue after the issue erupted, said that he had done so for the anchor and that there was no misconception.
 At this juncture, hostess aishwarya Raghupati has spoken in retaliation to Kool suresh, who was acting. aishwarya Raghupathi, who is very shocking of the film launch, says that if you think of the incident, it is still shocking. Cool suresh put on his hand on her shoulder forcibly. What can we do if he suddenly behave like this.
Why do I think that i should slap him that day. You can do it, but it does not affect anyone. Already, Cool suresh and her have become a problem at a ceremony. She don't always like his act. That's why when she welcomes him, she will only say Cool Suresh. When she had a name for the YouTube superstar once, she just asked on the platform of Cool Suresh. Keeping it in mind, this is what happened. aishwarya said that if he is going to do this again, she will slap on his data-face and she will file a complaint with the police.

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