Rohit Sharma suffering from amnesia..!? Forgot his passport?

Sowmiya Sriram
Rohit Sharma suffering from amnesia..!? Forgot his passport?
 The indian team led by rohit sharma won the title of champion for the 8th time in the Asia Cup cricket tournament. With this, rohit sharma has created the pride of being the player who has won the Asia Cup twice as a captain. rohit sharma captained the Asia Cup series for the first time in 2018 and won the trophy without virat kohli in that series.
 Rohit Sharma is a batsman and a captain who can give the opposition a lot of trouble, but rohit sharma naturally has a problem. Just like how we forget our bike keys and then ask our mother, rohit sharma forgets everything and then searches for it. virat kohli has said this in an interview in 2017. Virat used to say that he had never seen a person who forgot an object and searched for it. An incident happened yesterday as well. The indian team hastily returned home as the Asia Cup final ended earlier than expected. Then all the team players got on the bus and rohit sharma also got on.
It was only then that he found out that he had left his passport behind and Rohit was looking for it. Due to this, the bus was standing there without leaving. Then other players taunted Rohit Sharma. One of the team assistants brought several things including Rohit Sharma's passport and gave it to him. After receiving this, rohit sharma left. The five-time IPL and two-time Asia Cup-winning captain is suffering from amnesia, leaving fans wondering.

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