Bhola Shankar's Producer Rs.30 Crore Dispute.!

Sindujaa D N
It seems that various cases of cheating along with cheating have been registered in the hyderabad nampally criminal court against the producers of the movie 'Bhola Shankar'.  He said that the hyderabad Civil court has allowed him to file a suit to recover the Rs.30 crore he paid during the movie Agent. He stated that he is fighting a legal battle to that extent. He also said that criminal cases under various sections have been registered against the producers in nampally criminal Court.

 It has been revealed that cases have been registered under various sections like conspiracy, cheating and betrayal. From the beginning, Satish has been alleging that even though he paid 30 crore rupees through the bank, he was restricted only to Visakhapatnam. It is said that when he approached the producers for money, he was ignored and then Bhola shankar broke his word by giving a letter of understanding that he would return his money before the release. That is why Satish approached hyderabad Civil court for recovery of his money. 

Bholashankar movie was also asked to stop the release. But that didn't happen. On the other hand, Anil sunkara also wanted to adjust Satish's money with the collections made by the film's release. But expectations were wrong. Bholashankar's release turned out to be a huge disaster. With this, Anil sunkara went into further losses. Satish could not give the money. Trying to get out of it. It is learned that the hyderabad Civil court has allowed Sathish, who is continuing the legal battle, to file a suit in this order. Satish also filed a case in the nampally criminal Court.

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