VIDEO - Pawan Kalyan Fans Beaten by Prabhs Fans at Adipurush event

Adipurush's huge pre-release celebration took place last night in Tirupati. The event had a magical "Ramayan" feel to it, and Prabhas's admirers enjoyed seeing the same. A few incidents occurred at the occasion, though, when some of Pawan Kalyan's supporters were beaten up by Prabhas's supporters. social media is flooded with footage showing persons who appear to be Pawan Kalyan's supporters being beaten to a pulp by prabhas supporters. 

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These individuals reportedly sang "Babu lake babu kalyan babu" and "Jai Power Star" chants during the Adipurush ceremony. Fans of prabhas, who were present in large numbers, were undoubtedly irritated by this. The admirers of Pawan suffered terrible beatings in what came next. On social media, related videos appeared and quickly became popular.

The beating of prabhas is being justified by his admirers, who claim that anything less than perfect behaviour at the events of other heroes will result in thrashing that cannot be avoided. PK chants are frequently shouted by Pawan's supporters at other hero events. This has been a source of contention for some time. A couple of the fans, sadly, had to learn the difficult lesson last night.

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