Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Birthday!!!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's Birthday!!!

Bollywood actress aishwarya rai bachchan is among the most well-liked ones. aishwarya rai bachchan, who was Miss World, has given many superhit films in her career. Along with her beauty, the actress has always won the hearts of fans with her acting. But do you know that aishwarya has been a part of many such big films, in which she was not the first choice as an actress? 

On the 49th birthday of the actress, we are going to tell you about the films for which aishwarya was not the first choice, but when she came into the film, the film proved to be a blockbuster.


Shah Rukh Khan, aishwarya Rai and madhuri dixit starrer 'Devdas' is one of the most memorable films of Bollywood. aishwarya played the role of Paro in this film. But did you know that aishwarya was not the first choice for this character? Actually, sanjay leela bhansali wanted to cast Kareena in the role of Paro. She also gave a screen test for this character and she was almost finalized, but sanjay leela bhansali replaced Kareena without informing her and cast aishwarya as Paro in the film and the movie was a huge success. With this, Paro's character also became memorable.

Ponniyin Selvan 1

Mani Ratnam's blockbuster film ponniyin selvan 1 made a tremendous amount at the box office. In this film, she played the role of rani Nandini. Her character was well-liked in the film, but you hardly know that rekha was the first choice for the character of 'Nandini' and not aishwarya Rai and this was disclosed by mani ratnam himself in one of his interviews. mani ratnam had told that he wanted to make this film with Evergreen star rekha in the 80s, but things could not be done at that time.

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