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YCP leaders are celebrating the birthday of ap cm jagan MOHAN REDDY' target='_blank' title='ys jagan mohan reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">ys jagan mohan reddy in the state of Andhra Pradesh. 

Jagan's birthday celebrations are richly organized by the party leaders. To whom did they embark on innovative programs to let them know their particular fondness for pics.

Leaders have set up blood donation camps in various parts of the state to wish Jaganmohan reddy a happy birthday. Huge rallies are being held. Others run charity events. In addition, large-scale planting programs have been undertaken to prioritize environmental protection.

CM jagan data-face painting on the ground using grass by organic farming art

Meanwhile, the government whip reddy chevireddy bhaskar reddy is ready to convey his innovative birthday wishes to ap cm jagan Mohan reddy to express his special admiration for him. 

CM Jaganmohan Reddy's data-face painting on the ground using grass through organic farming art in front of the goshas at the Thadepalli cm camp office premises to mark cm Jagan's birthday.

Created by Organic Art Farming, the film is 100 feet long and 100 feet wide with 2D architecture technology. Made of very large straw, this art impresses everyone.

After working for ten days .. the first film was made in the country with art farming.

The film was created by chevireddy bhaskar reddy by artist Kant Reesha. It gained prominence as it was the first art form film made in the country.

 Chevireddy bhaskar reddy has been staying at the CM's camp office for the last ten days to set up this cover.

The cover art was created with organic art farming at the cm camp office under the direction of Ms. Chevireddy. 

For ten days the artist worked hard for this art. mla chevireddy bhaskar reddy says that the cover photo of cm jagan looks very attractive when viewed from above the drone.

An audio innovation designed to blossom millennials on cm pics

Not only an mla chevireddy bhaskar reddy but many other ycp leaders have launched various programs to express their admiration for jagan on the occasion of his birthday. 

State government Adviser Sajjala Ramakrishnareddy, Ministers Kodali Nani, Kursala Kannababu, government Whip chevireddy bhaskar reddy and others released the audio on cm jagan Mohan Reddy's birthday saying that there will be a thousand years of prosperity on cm Jagan.

Meanwhile, ycp general secretary MLC Leyla appireddy said that ap cm jagan Mohan reddy has decided to plant large scale saplings across the state on his birthday. To whom they are competing in favoring pics.

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