The Director of 100 Crore film celebrates his birthday...?

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Raghava Lawrence's 100 crore film was a great surprise, given that Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Ajith, and Vijay's flicks alone grossed more than 100 crore rupees. 

It's also worth noting that lawrence -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">raghava lawrence has been involved in a variety of charitable endeavours, including being the first to offer financial aid in the event of a natural disaster.

 It's worth noting that during the initial wave of the coronavirus in tamil Nadu, he paid the tamil Nadu government millions of rupees and personally assisted many individuals. 

Raghava lawrence, happy birthday!

 Raghava lawrence is a tamil film star who has worked as an actor, director, and choreographer in a variety of roles.

 Film celebs and fans have been wishing him a good birthday as he celebrates his birthday today. Raghava lawrence, who began his career as a choreographer in the tamil cinema industry, worked as a choreographer for many well-known actors' films before becoming a hero and director. 

'Muni,' 'Kanchana,' and 'Kanchana 2' starred Raghava lawrence, and 'Kanchana 3' was a great hit, notably 'Kanchana,' which grossed over Rs 100 crore.

Raghava lawrence, who rose to prominence in the tamil film business, has now crossed over to Bollywood. The film 'Lakshmi Bam,' directed by Akshay Kumar, was well-received.

On this joyful birthday, we wish Raghava lawrence, who is at the vanguard of both film and social work, many more triumphs and more opportunities to help the poor and needy.

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