Cold wax vs hot wax difference!!!


Cold Wax: Hot wax makes the skin red, so adopt cold wax, get better results

Most of the girls resort to waxing to remove unwanted body hair. At the same time, now boys are also choosing waxing to remove hair. However, this is the most painful method of hair removal. But due to this the hair does not grow quickly and gets removed from the root in one go. Due to which it takes some time to grow back. That's why people want to get waxing done more. However, now many types of laser treatments have started coming. But these laser treatments are not for everyone.

Even though waxing may delay hair growth. But this method is painful as well as does a little excess with the skin. Actually, most people choose hot wax in waxing. In which hot wax is placed on the body and removed with the help of a strip. Due to which the hair also falls out. However, doing hot wax causes rashes and red rash on the skin. That's why wax also has many options. One of these is cold wax.

To do cold wax cold wax at home, first of all, the part of the hair that has to be removed. Wash the skin there with clean water and soap. Then dry the skin thoroughly. This makes the wax work perfectly. Now dry the moisture of the skin by applying powder on the waxing area. Apply cold wax towards the direction of hair growth. Then keep the strip and stick it well. Then remove it by pulling it in the opposite direction of hair growth. Doing this removes all the unwanted hair.

Nowadays there are many readymade cold wax strips in the market. Which you can use immediately. This ready-made strip is also pulled out like a strip of cold wax. There are some benefits of doing cold wax. As there is no risk of burning with cold wax. Because hot wax burns the skin if it gets too hot.

Cold wax also removes tanning of the skin. And the dead skin comes off. Also, cold wax moisturizes the skin more. It also improves the complexion of the skin. Also it is very easy to use it. So if you want to wax at home, then cold wax would be a better option.


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