S Venkateshwari
We should take care of the areas around our eyes because it is one of the sensitive areas in our skin. The areas around the eyes have very few oil glands and collagen compared to the other parts of the body making our skin drier and more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. The best care is to use a proper eye cream and a proper moisturizer that can give those areas a good moisturization preventing dryness.
The data-face moisturizer is different from eye creams. It has an ingredient called retinoids that are too powerful for the area under the eyes. To reduce the risk of irritation, use a cream that boosts hydration and reduces dryness. It is difficult to reduce the dark circles completely but usage of creams containing caffeine or vitamin K can increase the circulation around the eyes. Fine lines and wrinkles are other issues we tend to have after 30 years of age. Usage of retinol helps to reduce the wrinkles and giving more moisturization to them.

Choose a cream that has green tea and antioxidants that also protect us from UV damage and sunburn. Poor diet or unhealthy diet can also lead to eye problems. Lack of sleep and consumption of more alcohol leads to eye issues and puffiness.

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