Do you want to know Nayanthara's Weight Loss Plan?


Nayanthara goes for Yoga regularly. On the counterpart, she maintains the diet perfectly to match the effect of Yoga. She is quite strict on sleeping hours. 8 hours per day sleeping is an essential feature in present situation for healthy living and she practices it regularly.

Meanwhile adding to this, she takes a power nap in the afternoon session to make her active and fit. She is taking utmost care in selecting the heroes too. To look young, one should act beside young hero. If it doesn’t happen, spectators will think that the heroine is ready to retire from the industry.

Presently Nayanthara is accepting offers which are having young heroes in lead role. By maintaining all these aspects, Nayanthara is looking fit, glamorous and young on the big screen. Follow these simple steps to look beautiful and stunning.

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