When will Ferrari's electric car come?


Ferrari Electric Car: ferrari is bringing the first electric car, the price of this luxury car is in crores

Ferrari First Electric Car: Ferrari is going to bring its first electric car. The price of this luxury car is surprising. The price of this electric car can be more than four crore rupees.

Luxurious Electric Car: Ferrari, which is known worldwide for making luxury cars. Now this car manufacturing company is also going to step into the segment of electric cars. ferrari is planning to make its first electric car. As seen, the demand for electric cars is continuously increasing all over the world. At the same time, luxury car brands are also bringing new models in this segment.

The price of the car will blow your mind

As soon as the name of ferrari comes, first of all, people want to know about the price of this brand's car. At the same time, the price of the company's electric car is also mind-blowing. According to Reuters, the price of this luxury electric car can be 5 lakh euros or 5,35,000 dollars. In indian currency, this price will be Rs 4.17 crore. According to Reuters, the luxury automaker is preparing to set up a plant for this car model.

When will Ferrari's electric car come?

The Italian brand's petrol engine cars are making a splash in the market. At the same time, ferrari is now preparing to launch an electric car. Ferrari's electric car can be introduced in the global market by the end of next year2025. At the same time, the possible price of the car suggests that those who buy this car will have to arrange a hefty amount.

Ferrari has not yet announced the prices of its first electric car. The luxury car brand has also not said anything about its new plant, which can be set up in Maranello in northern Italy. ferrari can also produce its petrol and hybrid cars in the new plant to be set up in Maranello. Also, the upcoming new electric cars can be manufactured in this plant.

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