Arjun Reddy Actress Loyalty Lies with...

Sindujaa D N
 Shalini Pandey was introduced to the telugu audience with arjun reddy movie. Talk is that this woman has entered the industry against her family members with her interest in movies. It is known that from the very first movie, she acted in a bold movie like arjun reddy and impressed with her performance and beauty. Recently she spoke in an interview given to a media company. 

On that occasion, when asked why she did not act in the arjun reddy Hindi remake. She said that she did not get that idea. Apart from that, shalini pandey also said that the pair of shahid kapoor and kiara advani acted brilliantly in Kabir Singh.  She said that she is more interested in acting in telugu films than in other languages. The telugu film industry brought her recognition.

 Shalini Pandey stated that the telugu audience has supported me. I am sure that they will support me even before. As a heroine, shalini pandey currently has no big offers in Tollywood. However, shalini pandey wants to continue in the telugu film industry. Some people are commenting that this shows her love for Tollywood. Let's see if tollywood will show their love for her and make offers.

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