Vishal Takes the Director's Chair.!

Sindujaa D N
Telugu actor vishal has carved a unique niche for himself in the kollywood industry, distinguishing himself as the only telugu hero competing with star heroes in tamil cinema. While other telugu actors are striving to make their mark in the tamil market, vishal has managed to establish himself with diverse roles and successful films.

Vishal's journey in the industry has been marked by his ability to bring tamil films to the telugu audience through translations, achieving success and recognition in both industries. His venture into direction with the movie "Detective-2" marks a significant milestone in his career. When the original director, Miskin, stepped down from the project, vishal took on the directorial responsibilities himself.

Expressing his excitement about the project, vishal shared a post, stating, "This marks my 25th year in the industry, and the journey has just begun. Directing 'Detective-2' fulfils a lifelong dream for me, and I am ready for the challenge it presents in my career." He expressed gratitude to Miskin for enabling him to realize his dream quickly and emphadata-sized his commitment to ensuring the success of the project.

Despite Miskin's initial involvement in the sequel's story, Vishal's decision to take on the directorial role reflects his dedication and determination to see the project through to fruition. With his experience as an actor and newfound role as a director, vishal looks forward to earning the audience's blessings and making a mark in both reel and real life.

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