SJ Suriya's Villainous Avatar - Competition to Vijay Sethupathi.!

Sindujaa D N
SJ surya started his journey started as an actor but he gained more recognition as a director. His second innings as an actor is shaking all the industries. Suriya's charm with every lead role in star hero films brings a unique identity. He became the most wanted villain in Kollywood.Looking at his speed! Makkal Selvan vijay sethupathi looks competitive. He is also seen as an alternative to Sethupathi.

 All the films in which surya acted as a villain are collecting huge sums at the box office. He impressed with his unique style of acting in the recently released Mark Antony. Surya's negative role gets more focus than hero Vishal's role. Before that, he  played the lead role in Vijay's movie 'Mershal'. It was a huge success in Vijay's career. Also in 'Manadu' starring 'Shimbu', he made his mark with villain roles in 'Don' starring Siva Karthikeyan.

 If the result of this movie is kept aside, anyone has to say wow for Suriya's acting as the villain. He performed in that range. In this way, every leading role in Surya's career brought him a unique identity. Even though Vijay started his journey before Sethupathi, it took time for his talent to emerge. There is a strong talk that Sethupathi will data-face a suitable competition from surya in the future. 

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